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When dirt and elemental debris collect on a solar panel it forms a barrier against sunlight. This obviously affects the efficiency of your solar panels. A regular program of cleaning is important to ensure your panels are performing their best to power your home. If your panels are in need of cleaning, we hope you'll give us a call for a free quote.
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Most of our work is started and finished on the same day.

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We hope to brighten you home or business as well as your day.

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We train for safely, use safe tools and practice safe cleaning methods.

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Solar Panel Cleaning Service

Any object that has a flat surface that faces the sky will gather dust, dirt and debris. When it comes to solar panels that haze will effect their function. A regular program of cleaning will ensure that each panel receives the maximum amount of sun exposure. We offer solar panel cleaning for homes, business and beyond.

Water Fed Pole Cleaning
Brush Contact Only
Solar Farm
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We are insured with a Million dollar policy to protect your property.
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We can clean any type, size or condition of solar panel found in the Bay Area. If we can't clean it no one can.
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Our tools are made for solar panel cleaning professionals. We employ filtration systems that deliver pure water cleaning capability safely up to 30 ft.
"Really loved working with this company! Andy was a pleasure to work with, very professional and friendly. He really took his time and was very detailed.. I will definitely be recommending to family and friends!."

Brianna J

Tampa , Fl
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Professional Solar Panel Cleaning

We use water-fed poles to effectively clean solar panels up to 3 stories away. These tools use various brushes and spray purified water to achieve a debris and streak-free clean.
Detailed and Patient
Our work is detailed and thorough. We take longer to clean than many of our competitors because we want the job to be done right. This means passing our brushes multiple times over and area and waiting to see the results.
Professional and Considerate
Many companies these days treat you as if they are doing you a favor. We do not. We appreciate your patronage and understand that you expectations. We also know you have options. We are flexible and will work around you schedule as well as your business traffic as needed.
We are covered by a Million dollar insurance policy that covers our actual work, not just general cleaning work. This is important should there be an accident that needs to be covered. We have yet to process one even one claim to our insurance.