Pressure Washing Service in Mount Dora, FL 

Welcome to our site Mount Dora! We are glad you are here. We know hiring a pressure washing service is not something you want to spend too much time on so we appreciate you stopping by. So let's get to the reason you should choose us! Our customers choose Wet Lion for our experience (over a decade), our equipment (only well maintained and cutting edge tools) and our reputation of stellar service (5 Stars everywhere). We are a professional exterior cleaning service. This means our services cover nearly anything on the exterior of your property. Please check out our service list in the menu above. Below you will find our four most frequently requested services.

Exterior Cleaning Services

Mount Dora and beyond
Pool Patios
Pool Cages

The Exteior Cleaning Company in Mount Dora, Fl

How can we say that? It come down to results. We have the equipment and the knowledge to clean surfaces the way they should be cleaned. This means using the proper pressure, chemicals, dwell time, agitation and so forth. We also care to do the best job that we can to make something clean. Rather than hope that it looks good enough we take our time and give you real value for your business. We are a small crew and we can take our time. We enjoy our work and we hope you give us the chance to impress you soon.

What makes Mount Dora a great place to pressure clean?

Every house is different and that keeps our work interesting. Mount Dora is a close community with vibrant shops and historic homes. We enjoy working were we live.
Driveway Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Pool Cage Cleaning
Pool Deck Cleaning
Pressure Washing Hoses
Sidewalk Pressure Washing
Paver Sealing
Driveway Power Washing
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We are insured with a $1Million dollar policy to protect your property.
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We have been doing this work for over a decade. We are your Mount Dora power washing experts.
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We have the right equipment and knowledge required to handle nearly any project.
"They cleaned and sealed the pavers and cleaned our pool cage! It looks brand new or actually even better than Brand new."
Mount Dora, Fl
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