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Chandeliers are delicate and expensive investments. They require professional attention and care. This is definitely not light cleaning (pun intended). Let us help you restore the brilliance to your light fixtures. We are equipped to handle small and large projects alike. Whether you have one chandelier in your entry or 30 fixtures in your ballroom, we have the experience that you can trust. We will not spin chandeliers, leave water inside to rust or place delicate parts on the floor. We have been cleaning chandeliers for over a decade and we are Tampa's only specialty chandelier cleaning company.
Chandelier Specialists

Light Fixture Cleaning Service

Give yourself the gift of peace of mind and hire an expert to clean your chandeliers. We have been cleaning light fixtures throughout Tampa for more than a decade. Our team has a high quality work ethic, with professional training and experience so that we can give each of our clients the best cleaning service every time. Our mission is to produce high-end, quality work that will ‘WOW’ you.

Hand Cleaned
Bulb Replacement (upon request)
Minor Repairs

A Culture of Clean

We believe in honesty, integrity, hard work, and a positive spirit. This belief filters down into all the work we do and the interactions we have with our customers. It also greatly influences our employee hiring process. We are committed to creating a great team of reliable people that you can trust in your home and office. We also believe that a strong work ethic is the only foundation to build upon and paying attention to the details is what sets us apart.
"Excellent job, very thorough, quality service and materials, prompt and  easy to deal with."
Tampa , Fl
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Expert Chandelier Cleaners

Cleaning chandeliers is delicate work. You need to be sure that the company you hire will handle your light fixtures properly. How do you know that Wet Lion is that company? What makes us chandelier specialists? We're glad you asked. Please consider these factors before trusting just anyone to clean your property.
We have been cleaning chandeliers and other types of lighting for over a decade. We have been throughout Central and South Florida and we are regularly commissioned to clean chandeliers in different parts of California. We have cleaned modern as well as antique chandeliers for home owners, hotels and even concert halls. We have encountered all types and sizes of lighting fixtures and art. Our experience includes chandeliers that have been in fires, have been under water and many chandeliers that have not been cleaned in decades. It is unlikely that you will find a more experienced chandelier expert in all of Florida.
Our ladders that can reach chandeliers hanging up to 25ft from the ground. For the highest light fixtures we utilize lifts to reach them safely. Our tools are made for custom and uniquely suited for detailed chandelier cleaning.
Detailed and Patient
Developing an efficient process for cleaning chandeliers takes time. We have encountered and overcome many challenges presented over the years. We've not only developed an eye for the details, but also the skills required to be address them. Chandelier take time and cleaning them can be tedious, but the reward of a brilliant chandelier is worth taking extra care to address the details as needed.
Professional and Considerate
We know that coming into your home or place of business is a privilege. We respect our customers property, time and safety. We are a small company that cares about customer service and showing consideration to our surroundings. We care if your floor gets wet or dirty. We notice if you've got the a.c. on and the door is open. We check to see if your chandeliers are missing parts or bulbs are out. We will clean your chandelier thoroughly and treat your property as if it is our own.
We are insured to clean chandeliers at height. There are many service companies such as maid services, window cleaners and handymen that will clean a chandelier using an insurance policy that does not cover chandelier work. Hire a professional that stands behind their work and is insured appropriately.